USA Army to Deploy Hundreds of Fort Riley Soldiers to Iraq Breaking News 2014

January 4, 2020 - Latest News
USA Army to Deploy Hundreds of Fort Riley Soldiers to Iraq Breaking News 2014

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USA Army to Deploy Hundreds of Fort Riley Soldiers to Iraq Breaking News 2014

rocks crumbling under the force of a renegade al Qaeda splinter group that's sweeping the north now the US president is considering air strikes and drone attacks the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria insurgent group have captured the whole province of Nina vera in this video you can see some three thousand Iraqi soldiers surrendering to the militants and now their sites are in Baghdad and Fighting's being reported just 50 kilometers from the capital the UN says that hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered by the insurgents artis ganancia count looks at what affect America's offer of help to tackle the militants to might have militants with the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria are now in control of large parts of Iraq including its second largest city of Mosul they're now aiming at the capital Baghdad the fight against Assad in Syria has bolstered these Islamist militants and gave them new resources and the sectarian food in Iraq has allowed the group to gain momentum and recruits the secretary in war in Iraq broke out after the US invasion in 2003 and has been a source of constant violence ever since now the u.s. may invade again to stop the onslaught of these lamas militants my team is working around the clock to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them I don't rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either Iraq or Syria for that matter the US says all options are on the table except boots on the ground US officials don't specify what options they're looking at this could include airstrikes the goal of this militant group is to create a Caliphate an Islamic state across a vast area that includes Syria and Iraq but for many Iraqis the prospect of being bombed by the US again is no less daunting they're already being shelled by the Iraqi government which is striving to drive the militants out when taking over Mosul heavily armed radicals overran police stations freed more than a thousand prisoners from the city jail and took over the international airport Iraqi forces apparently reigned in the face of the onslaught leaving behind weapons uniforms and armored vehicles more than half a million people have fled seeking refuge the situation for most Iraqis is dire and it has been so for years they were promised democracy but all they've seen is violence with no end in sight now the jihadis have also managed to seize some American army hardware that was supplied earlier to Iraq to help it fight insurgency Michael Bryan who was a US Defense Department contractor in Iraq discussed Iraq's disintegrating security with an East now Ian Ortiz in the now you now have instead of suicide bombers and all that and people getting killed now it's gone to the next step now instead of people just being people getting murdered now they're taking actual land they're actually they vote for all practical purposes running Anbar province they're taking over the country now how much responsibility should put on the Iraqi government here well the Iraqi government's incompetent it's it's inept but you know the the job is impossible you know Saddam was a was a bad actor he was a bad guy but he kept a lid on everything through force the Maliki you know as a Shiite and the Sunnis are upset because they were in charge and they want to take over again and Saddam kept a lid on all of this Maliki doesn't have a prayer the Iraq the Iraqi government can't and I don't know if any Araki government could do this unless it was a dictatorship like it was under Saddam

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Freddy Rodriguez

hundreds of soldiers from Fort Riley??? this video has nothing to do with the title.

John Ilanga

Since Obama armed Isis under orders from his globalist mammon worshipping masters
who as atheists or Satan worshippers will also have their heads chopped off.

Thomas M

The US should not get involved in another war unless it is a direct attack on the US. Obama is just sending more out to die for his agenda.


Lets hope that what ever kind of strike that Obama will use is massive,accurate and frequent !!!!


fuck maliki fuck usa and fuck shia in south iraq and iran…………..   isis did good job when they tok control of mosul hahahaha  mosul salahedin tekrit and falujah city belong to sunni muslims………..  from zakho – duhok city close to mosul city in north iraq here

Thomas Trinh

Let's give them (ISIS, Iran, abd Syria) 3 Nuclear Bomb to end WAR ???!!!!
There's only one way to do that (for American peaces) ????
Like Japanese's WAR

Josefa Bola

In Syria ISIS, ISIL or whatever they call themselves will be US's allies and now in Iraq they will be their enemies? What a mess!

Apache Sakai

If American don't come for help, Iraqi Government will ask China or Russian to involve with oil as the payback, China will be happy to accept that offer as China is desperate for oil very much


Let it be.This is a messy sectarian war of egos among madmen.

Sami Dhuannour

Jewish/American blessings…..casting peace on Iraq…..

Matt Stewart

I am so sick of Muslims disrupting the World. Screw the Muslims and their radical ways. I hope they take Allah and stick him up their ass.

Michael B

Is this a second channel? What happen to the original u2b channel?


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