PACK WITH ME | Weekend in Washington, D.C. ✨

December 5, 2019 - Latest News
PACK WITH ME | Weekend in Washington, D.C. ✨

Pack with me as I get ready for our weekend trip to Washington, D.C.! 🌸

♡ Pink ASOS dress:
♡ Free People hat I’m wearing:
♡ Pink button down dress:
♡ Levi jeans:
♡ Black rain booties (similar):
♡ White Nikes:
♡ Pink Luggage:


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Hello friends it's Allison I hope you're
having a super happy day so far today is a good day because I'm spending some
time packing for a little getaway so Brandon and I my husband we are going to
Washington DC for the very first time this weekend and I am just so stinkin
excited I absolutely adore exploring new places and just seeing all these
different things that I've never seen before and we will be doing a whole lot
of that this weekend and what's even more exciting is that it's the cherry
blossom season at Washington DC so the cherry blossoms are blooming right now
and they look so beautiful I've been following all these different
accounts that post little updates of the cherry blossoms so I'm super excited
needless to say let me hit let me show you guys a little picture and there's
this account on Instagram called cherry blossom watch and literally all they do
is just post pictures of the cherry blossoms every time I see a picture I'm
like it takes my breath away a little bit they're so pretty look how stinking
beautiful they are so sunny that was a really big reason why we decided to go
because I have always dreamed of seeing them in person and before like as we
were planning our trip I really learned just so much about cherry blossoms and
just how they bloom and I never realized how short of a period it is that they
actually are in bloom it's so crazy if they only they only last about two weeks
at the most which is like our super short time frame and they can even last
for a day if there's inclement weather like if it's super windy and stormy the
flower petals are so so fragile so if like a big gust of wind or something
takes them down they can all fall and stuff so we're just praying and hoping
and they stay nice and strong and we're able to see them in person but either
way it's gonna be such a such a fun trip because the young you never been
and there's so much to see in Washington DC right so yeah I just wanted to kind
of talk with you guys and show you what I am bringing for our little trip and
hopefully share some packing tips as well because I always pretty much 99% of
the time I travel I travel with the carry-on I like to think that I'm a
pretty good Packer and a light packer so hopefully you will find some good tips
in this video so this is my suitcase my husband actually bought it for me for
Christmas and it is so singing Q I'll link it down below if it's still
available which I think it is Oh the inside is so cute as well with all
the flamingos so I have a nice little compartment here and then a little
zipper pocket and then this big area here so it's truly plenty of space and
my husband will be taking a carry-on so if I need any extra space I can just
kind of be some of his space so one check that is super super helpful to me
is to plan your outfits ahead of time and I know it sounds a little daunting
but this just helps you plan outfits where you know you're gonna wear them so
you don't end up just packing a whole bunch of extra stuff um and it's really
like less stressful when you get to your destination because then you have all
these different outfit ideas and when you roll out of bed and get ready for
the day you just have it all picked already so you don't don't think about
it so I love to do this and I haven't thought about any outfits or at least so
far so that's what I'm going to do now before you even start picking out your
outfit it's really important of course to look at the weather to kind of see
what you're working with so we are gonna get there on Thursday and it is a high
of 66 and a low of 49 so it's pretty chilly but not terribly cold so kind of
keep that in mind um let's see and then on Friday it's a high of 59 so
that it's pretty cold especially for two Floridians but then in the weekend it
warms up and it's a high of 72 so that's a super nice weather so I just gotta
keep that in mind while I'm picking out my
pieces my coffee is full of happy spring colors right now which is a very good
situation I know I definitely want to wear this pink dress from Lulu's at some
point it's this cute midi-length pleated hot pink dress and I think it is so
lovely and the hot pink would really contrast nicely with the light pink of
the cherry blossoms my clothing pile is getting bigger
lots of my pieces are actually dresses which is good because you don't really
have to think about a full outfit you just kind of put on a dress but it will
be a little cold so I'm going to pack some tights but I am also packing this
beautiful dress which is from ASOS I bought it around Thanksgiving I will
definitely link if it's still available but I know I bought it on sale but it's
so pretty and I definitely want to wear this to visit the flower blossoms and I
also have this fluffy white jacket that I actually bought for our wedding in
case it was freezing I was just going to wear this on top of my dress but I'm
definitely gonna be using that I'm sure because it will be kind of chilly it's
truly like wearing a blanket which is just a good cozy situation and then this
dress I actually showed in my spring haul I feel like it's perfect for
Washington DC so yeah now we need to pack some warmer clothing and of course
accessories and shoes we're also only going to be there for
three nights Thursday Friday and Saturday so we don't need to pack too
much that's the key you don't want to over pack because in you're just lugging
around stuff that you don't need and personally I find it way more stressful
over packing okay the packing pile is growing I added
another pair of jeans because these don't have any holes in them but my
Levi's do by the way these are my favorite jeans ever they're these
high-waisted Levi's and they are so cute and I just love the high-waisted aspect
of them I was waiting I've been wanting highly student Levi's for so long but I
always held back because of these buttons I thought it would be so
annoying because I'm just used to like a quick little zipper but it's really not
that annoying surprisingly it doesn't take me long at all to undo the buttons
and then put them back on I just thought it was gonna be so complicated and like
if you gotta go you don't want to have to be messing with these buttons you
just want to zip it up and down but it actually is not bad at all and it's
totally worth it because I love these jeans also I'll definitely be taking
this hat from Free People I'm obsessed with this hat it makes me so happy also
wearing hats keeps you warm and you know we're gonna need to stay warm
little chilly my accessory pile is growing as well I have this cute bow
from forever 21 and some fun earrings also barrettes spretz are so in right
now and I am all about it and then this little beret from urban which will also
help keep my head nice and cozy and then I have these tights which are kind of
like a skin tone but they're really thick so that's good if I wear one of my
dresses but I want to have these tights on to keep me extra warm and also it's
like nice because I could just slip them off if I do wear a dress and then later
in the afternoon I get hot so that's super handy dandy so now it's time to
pick out our shoes I know I am for sure taking my white Nikes I have two they're
just so comfy for walking around and I really like how they're white because
they're super neutral so they kind of go with everything even though they're like
running shoes if that makes sense it's still look kind of stylish and I
actually they are getting kind of dirty the lighting isn't ideal in my closet
but we're making it work they do get time to kind of
dirty but I actually threw them in the wash and that helps clean them up a bit
so that's happy I'm debating if I want to take my pink suede adidas or not I
think I'll just take my Nikes though because like they're kind of they're
both tennis shoes so I don't really need to take both and when you're packing
with a carry-on you got to make these hard decision you can't take both all
the time along with my Nikki's I'm gonna take these little rain boots that I got
from Amazon many moons ago they're a little dirty because I had to wear them
this morning because it was rainy but these are really nice because believe it
or not they are so comfortable like super super super comfortable so they're
really good walking shoes and of course they're warm because I can just wear
fuzzy socks and stuff and then put them over it so they keep me nice and warm
and they're comfy so yes and then I'll probably take some kind of sandal
because I feel like that's just nice but again it's gonna be kind of cold so
don't know if I'll ever wear it but maybe just like a thin little sandal so
that if I do want to just have like a more lighter option then I'll have it hey friends that is it
obviously I still have to pack my makeup my hair stuff my undergarments and all
that jazz but I still have tonight and then all day tomorrow to finish up and
pack all that but I really hope you guys enjoyed this video of course I always
have fun filming these because I just know I'm about to go and explore
someplace and like I've said in other videos of for I think traveling is so
important and Brandon and I budget like a certain amount of money a month just
to make sure that we can prioritize travel and exploring this beautiful
world so hopefully you guys will be able to do that as well soon but thank you
guys for watching of course there will be a Washington DC vlog coming soon and
I just bring down the wall Luisa Sandeul morally

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