Navy Yard – Washington, DC

January 6, 2020 - Latest News
Navy Yard – Washington, DC

Video tour of the Navy Yard & Capitol Riverfront neighborhood of Washington, DC

on the banks of the Anacostia River in Southeast Washington lies one of the district's most historic and fastest-growing neighborhoods home to the nation's longest continually operating Naval facility Navy Yard was also DC's first industrial neighborhood historic Navy Yard warehouses have converted into contemporary lofts and newly constructed office towers house notable organizations new residential developments include numerous high-rises as well as the Capitol Quarter townhouse community the new Nationals Park has proved to be a powerful catalyst for change in recent years seating 41,000 people the park hosts not only major league baseball games but significant concerts and other events as well the yards a 40-acre public-private partnership offers an enticing array of restaurants in well packaged projects the Boilermaker shops is home to the blue jacket brewery and other top rate eateries and the lumber shed provides further options in Osteria Morini agua 301 and ice-cream jubilee Navy Yard boasts delightful green spaces right along the waterfront including Diamond Teague Park just down from the historic DC water pumping station the Yards park with its own boardwalk and wait pool and the Riverwalk trail which takes you into the Navy Yard itself the neighborhood is also recognized for its ease of access offering a dedicated metro station and convenient proximity to the southeast Freeway and Capitol Hill Navy Yard offers an exciting new breed of quality of life both for work and play you

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The Watcher

"public-private," corporate. artificial, horrible new culture. Because it's been redeveloped so fast, it will look very dated and out of style in a few decades, if not sooner if the consumer culture is killed with the jobs. You can tell this guide struggled trying to fill the time with worthy mentions. naming shops that will be gone in a few years. It's better than what WAS there, but it's really just safer, prettier garbage. with little history.


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