Maine Ave Fish Market Washington DC – Episode 126

December 30, 2019 - Latest News
Maine Ave Fish Market Washington DC –  Episode 126

Maine Avenue FIsh Market in Washington DC is the oldest continuously operating fish market in the USA! Located on the banks of the Potomac River, the Maine Avenue Fish Market is locally known as The Wharf. Although food is relatively expensive everywhere in the district, the prices at the Wharf are not completely unreasonable, and the product is always extremely fresh!

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hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to real United States I'm your host Paul Campbell behind the camera is always our camera operator my wife Beverly Campbell welcome to Washington DC and the Maine Avenue fish market we're here on Main Avenue ma ine named like the state in front of the oldest continually operating fish market in the entire United States founded here in 1805 the Maine Avenue fish market is in fact is 17 years older than the Fulton fish market in New York City now there are about two dozen or so vendors that operate out of here and they all work closely together this is actually founded here we're right on the banks of the Potomac River which leads down to the Chesapeake Bay and out to the Atlantic Ocean so in 1805 when this was founded this was an ideal point for fishermen to bring in their wares and sell them to the general public in a highly populated area now today the wharf was has been is in a new location it's was moved in the 1960s from its original location to this floating Wharf and the seafood is actually brought in now by truck from the docks down along the Chesapeake Bay it's brought in seven days a week very very fresh seafood now you can see they've got a little bit of everything else whatever's in season but largely always find shrimp several types of crabs and a variety of fish sometimes you'll find some more exotic things depending on what the catch of the day is you see it's been very elaborately decorated we're right here underneath literally a bridge of interstate 395 which comes over the Potomac from Alexandria Virginia it's a very quaint part of town very nice people come from all over just to shop here at the Maine Avenue fish market which I said is colloquially called or locally called the wharf now we're going to do an episode real soon about the marina which is right next to the wharf and the new development project that's going on there we'll save that for a future episode right now we're going to just take a few moments we're going to take you around and show you some of this lovely seafood that's for sale here and show you what they have to offer okay now it said a lot of the seafood comes in from the Chesapeake Bay in the Atlantic now one of the things they do truck in here is lobster from the state of Maine and that comes down of course from the north a little further away again in Atlantic seafood that we have here in the United States so not all of the seafood here necessarily comes from just downstream in the Chesapeake Bay but some of it is trucked in from other parts along the eastern seaboard you you you so I'd like to thank you for joining us here in the real United States at the wharf or the Maine Avenue fish market in Washington DC we hope you've enjoyed this episode we hope you picked subscribe and join us for future episodes come along to the adventure if you have questions or comments leave them in the comment section below I love hearing from all of you dragging back to all of you as soon as I possibly can and as always thank you for watching

18 thoughts on “Maine Ave Fish Market Washington DC – Episode 126

Oruvilaatha Rudthiran

Spanish Mackerel = WoW. slice them into chunks & mix Masaala-sambal paste(marinate for 10 mins) all over them &
Pan Fry them = Delicious.🍤🍤🍤

Tamzy Tingz

Hey there, love this! Check out my DC wharf video 😊


The place no longer exists since new building have been built


i love this place my dad always took me here since i was little

Rakel , A A

Can you please tell me are those fish wild caught? Or farm raise .thx

Sara Chen

How much do they sell bushel of crabs for?


More than grateful to you, Paul!, now I can show The Wharf to my nephew who was asking me if I got some video of the place.


When is the best time to come? To beat the crowd?


Felt like I was watching  the Travel Channel lol. great episode

Joan Sholl Francis

Loved that!  Mouth watering!  Thanks Paul and Mrs.


Display looks so neat.  What did you buy for dinner?:)

Félix Maltchinski

Did you buy something in this fishmarket? Check out my 2 newest videos.

Zoi Pana

@RealUnitedStatesVlog Looks awesome!!


and to think that i don't eat any kind of seafood.  😛 Hey Paul, sorry i've been busy… these couple of weeks were kind of crazy for me, but here i am.. back again :).. I like how you say "thank you for watching".. i have said that phrase in random moments using your tone hahaha.. "thank you for watching"… it has something in it. 

Firdaus Idros

As a fish lover, I could say this is a wonderful tour. Slightly vary compared to where do I live, but great products displayed from my view. My question is, are these products solely distributed locally? Cheers;))))


As an Italian from Naples who lives in a jump from the sea I have to say
I always love to see something like this market of fish 🙂

Mississippi Wildlife

Had tilapia last night on the grill. Not the best of fish. All in all the cook was brilliant 😉


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