Fox 5 Segment – November 4th, 2019

December 30, 2019 - Latest News
Fox 5 Segment – November 4th, 2019

On November 4th, 2019, local news station Fox 5 interviewed a few of the lions players about the Division 2 National Championship win in Sarasota the previous month.

diego lions play a game invented it in australia and dominate here in the united states the lions just won a national championship in Australian rules football and that gave us a chance to sing their praises when the horn sounded it really was quite quite the feeling of elation finding you know all the teammates getting together and then I think probably my fondest memory I think we'll probably be singing singing our team song you know in a circle around in front of you know every single other club in the country was a pretty pretty awesome feeling kings of men's Division two and 2019 Brian powers and his San Diego Lions teammates savored every note of their team song after winning the US Australian rules football Division two national championship família was a big deal because I've been playing this game for 28 years and I hadn't won one so yeah it was pretty good the Lions have played footy in San Diego for a couple of decades and players have come and gone over the years but the one thing that doesn't change their excitement for a game that seems odd to many Americans it's a free-flowing sport 18 people on each side 36 on the field all in different positions so probably lined up more maybe like a lacrosse field and free-flowing like ice hockey or lacrosse always constantly ongoing and on a bigger field than anything any traditional American would have grown up playing on at the same time so for a bit of reference there the guys back home and the professional was in the midfield or probably covering about 11 miles in a game the Lions started their regular season in March and played 18 games winning 15 and then went to Sarasota Florida as the top seed in Division two and then won four games over two days to capture the title and claim that shiny silver trophy the Lions say that just under half of the players come from Australia but the rest picked up the game recently and coach Michael Ross says they welcome any and all newcomers to join their team with no experience necessary the great thing about our game compared to other games is that all body shapes all ages everyone's invited like there's a job for everyone there is a role for every player so if you want to play the game you're 20 you're 30 doesn't matter there's a spot here at San Diego lines that looks like they have a lot of fun too

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