Final BBC News at One from BBC Television Centre Friday 15 March 2013

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Final BBC News at One from BBC Television Centre Friday 15 March 2013

Final News at One Bulletin from Television Centre, with Kate Silverton.

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full and the need for more capacity is urgent full steam ahead for the high speed rail project linking London to the north of England despite a setback in the courts over compensation why soldiers returning from duty are more likely to commit violent crime than the rest of the population it's 75 years since the launch of HMS Belfast wants the largest and most powerful Cruiser in the Royal Navy and it's Red Nose Day is the 25th year comics relief all the biggest names in comedy and entertainment will be fundraising tonight on the north in half an hour more legal challenges ahead this time from Yorkshire groups opposed to high-speed rail and twenty years after he disappeared the family of Shawn Thompson asked for new information hello welcome to the BBC News at 1:00 parents have long raised concerns about having sufficient school places for their children one our report by the National Audit Office has confirmed some fears are well-founded a quarter of a million extra school spaces will be needed in England by autumn next year the report found one in five primary schools is already full or near capacity and it questions whether the government's five billion pound investment on extra places is being used effectively our education correspondent Luke Walton has more over the past decade England has had a baby boom and as those children have reached school age the pressure on places has intensified at this London primary they're dressed up for Red Nose Day but the squeeze on space here is no laughing matter we've taken two extra classes into the school because the demand is so high that's obviously caused us issues around timetabling spaces in the school making sure we have the right number of classrooms for all the children and also making sure that their curriculum is the same and equal for all the children so there are a number of issues it's caused the National Audit Office predicts the problem will get worse with an extra two hundred and fifty thousand places required by the autumn of next year it says ministers need more information on whether spending to increase school capacity is proving effective local councils share the concern the challenge is to make sure that there's enough money in the system which at the moment we know there isn't and that we don't see delays that are caused by some of the bureaucracies exist on an opening new schools getting in the way of providing those high quality school places labour accused the government of failing the next generation of pupils but ministers say there's been a rapid increase in spending on new school places and insist help is now more focused on areas of greatest need one positive point from today's report is that the school system is still managing for the time at least to find places for pupils who want them but as the baby boomers fill our playgrounds in ever greater numbers that pressure will grow with them Luke Walton BBC news let's hear from our correspondent Duncan Kennedy's at a primary school in reading and as you can see they're obviously gearing up entering into the spirit of Red Nose Day ok this school is typical this school is typical of the problem we're facing here today massively oversubscribed extremely popular in the past couple of years alone they've had to find 60 extra places to meet that demand so what have they done here created this a temporary couple of classrooms in the playground prefabricated not a brilliant solution Kevin McDaniel is the head of education in reading Kevin why are we getting this massive extra demand reading has been a very popular location for people to come and find work in the southeast we're seeing now those people taking work and starting families in houses where we weren't expecting to see families because of the economic conditions they're now in that area should we have seen this coming this extra demand in reading we saw an increase coming and we spent 25 million pounds since 2009 providing 1,300 school places but the rate of growth has set your office national statistics have told us is larger than we've seen forever we're still two and a half thousand pounds as to now a thousand places short temporary accommodation like this prefabricated classroom is not the answer it's not the long-term answer he's not the long-term answer the use of the temporary space enables us to ensure that every child goes to school and that's what we're committed to doing but we'll able to use the funding the government's announced to be able to deliver permanent places for our residents mr. megundal thank you very much indeed and Kevin actually tells me they might have the funding for the extra places at this particular school it also tells me it's not just a question of numbers Ofsted rates this school is outstanding Kate Duncan thank you the government has partially fought up a series of objections to high-speed to in the courts but in a victory to residents affected by the project the compensation scheme has been deemed unlawful the first phase of HST would run from London to Birmingham a second phase extending the line to Leeds and Manchester Transport correspondent Richard Westcott reports high-speed and highly controversial the plan to build a super faster railway through the middle of England is still on track after the government wins the latest court battle it is a convincing decision by the judge justifying the government's policy on high-speed rail it means that we now have from the judge a green light to move forward with the project subject to the parliamentary approval it is a significant victory for the government this court case really had the potential to cause them problems it could have cost them more money it could even have delayed the whole project for a couple of years well that is not now going to happen but their opponents haven't given up yet we're almost certainly going to appeal particularly the issue that the government hasn't made a decision which I think everybody recognizes they clearly have that's a totally bizarre judgment in our view and clearly needs to be appealed and I think we'll look very close to it whether we should be appealing the issue of the timing of the challenge the judge did find fault with one important part of the government's scheme saying a consultation on compensation wasn't fair to those whose houses will be blighted by the line ministers say they'll put that right so for now high-speed rail still has a green light Richard Westcott BBC News a man has been charged with the murder of Christina Atkins who was killed on her way to school in Birmingham Christina who was 16 died of tissue stabbed on the top deck of a bus last week Philips similan who's 22 and from Warsaw was remanded in custody and will appear at Birmingham Crown Court in May three British men have pleaded guilty to engaging in the preparation of acts of terrorism by travelling to Pakistan for training they entered pleas via video link at the Old Bailey their trial had been due to start next month our Home Affairs course went Matt progr is at the Old Bailey with what had the men done well the three men admitted to preparing for acts of terrorism by travelling to Pakistan for chair training and also to providing information and a device to other people wishing to do the same imran mahmoud one of them had spent a year in pakistan ways thought to have received territory meaning and also possibly fought in Afghanistan but the other two are more unlikely would-be terrorists Jango Alam also known as Abu Khalid is a former police Community Support Officer who worked in London he had dreams of becoming a chief inspector of police he later made a video renouncing his police career now he was arrested at his home close to the Olympic Stadium just weeks before the Olympic Games last year and the third defendant Richard dart is a white Muslim convert from Weymouth in Dorset he was the subject of a BBC 3 documentary broadcast in 2011 which charted his path towards extremism now at an earlier court hearing there was evidence heard that police had recovered fragments of text messages in which the men talked about targeting Woodham Bassett the the place that has become a symbol of respect for those wishing to respect the soldiers returning from abroad but that played no part in these hearings and we're unlikely to hear the full details of what these men were planning to do until a sentencing hearing in April Matt thank you men are more likely to commit violent crimes if they've served in the Armed Forces researchers compared more than 13,000 serving and former military personnel with police records servicemen have been exposed to fighting were more than 50 percent more likely to commit a violent offense than those in non-combat roles our defense correspondent Jonathan Beale has more the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have already been measured in blood and treasure but until recently littles be known about the psychological effects on those who serve in uniform the symptoms often associated with post-traumatic stress Lewis makai fought in both conflicts he and his wife Emma noticed a dramatic change in his behavior when he returned from Helmand after seeing a comrade lose his legs in a roadside bomb he since left the army and has successfully sought medical help all of a sudden the urge would come over me as you're gonna hit her and I first I thinking well you know that's not right but then hour after you know a few a few times you got to say I was physically having to stop myself doing that and I was either sitting on my hands or I would bite my hand you'd stop me stop me lashing out or I'd have to walk out the room now new research has found that over all violent offending among military personnel was 2% higher than the general population 11% compared with 8 point 7 percent but the rates of violent offending for those under 30 was 3 times greater 20% in the military compared with just under 7% for civilians and those who'd experienced direct combat were 53 percent more likely to violently offend than those servicemen not in combat background risk factors play a big part so the CEO demographics of those in the military and also those who had a previous history of violence prior to joining the military were more likely to violently offend but we also looked at the risk factors associated with combat roles and experiences on deployment and they also increased the risk of violent offending the Ministry of Defense points out the vast majority of those in the military do not offend it also says there is help for those who need it Jonathan Beale BBC News details of Labor and Liberal Democrat proposals for a new system of press regulation will be published this afternoon it's their response to David Cameron's decision to walk away from cross party talks on the issue the Prime Minister doesn't want a new system of regulation to be backed by a new law preferring one supported by Royal Charter instead as Ross Hawkins reports they're getting ready to decide the future of the press here in a row that will set Tories and lib dems against each other this is part of the Prime Minister's official plan published in Parliament today conservatives making their case on their own we are bringing this issue to a conclusion what I think we can't go on with is a situation where the victims and the public don't know what sort of press regulation we're going to have that needs to change but the Deputy Prime Minister will say he disagrees with David Cameron we are actually working towards is building on what the Prime Minister has already advocated straight a few simple places and hopefully that will enjoy the cross-party consensus that I think is still necessary in order to make progress some press standards campaigners have been lobbying MPs pretty hard here at Westminster the question is will they be any happier with the plans from Labour or the Liberal Democrats about which we should hear more this afternoon all those private negotiations have made newsrooms nervous to be honest I think the whole thing's being pretty unsatisfactory from the beginning we're talking about a major change but with those talks over the final lines in the Leveson story are about to be written Ross Hawkins BBC news at Westminster the independent MP for Falkirk heiress Erik Joyce has been arrested following reports of a disturbance in a House of Commons bar last night mr. Joyce who resigned from the Labour Party last year after being convicted of assault at another parliamentary bar is now in police custody Britain and France are stepping up their pressure for the European Union to lift its ban on supplying weapons to rebel forces in Syria David Cameron and Cross wildin have told the second day of an EU summit in Brussels they want an end to the embargo well let's get more from our Europe correspondent Chris Morris what's the justification and and how has their core been received then yeah hi Kate well David Cameron's basic point is that after two years and it is two years today of what he called the dreadful conflict in Syria it is time for a change in policy on the arms embargo he emphasized as everyone has done that there needs to be a political solution but in the RT argue that that would be more likely if the Syrian opposition was made a stronger and more credible force now one thing he said which was interesting was that lifting the arms embargo would not necessarily mean the UK giving arms to rebel groups but he does want to make them stronger I think the French if anything had been more forceful Francois Hollande said that if agreement can't be reached on lifting the arms embargo at an EU level then France would quote shoulder its responsibilities and French officials have been quoted talking about the possible supply for example of anti-aircraft missiles to the rebels to enable them to negate the absolute superiority that President Assad's forces have in the air other countries are much much more reluctant Chancellor Merkel for example said she still hadn't decided whether it was a good idea to lift the embargo or not she said just because two countries have changed their mind doesn't mean that 25 others have to follow gate Chris thank you very much it's coming up now to a quarter past 1 in our main story this lunchtime a quarter of a million extra primary school places are needed in England by next year the new report finds one in five schools is already full and the need for more capacity urgent and coming up I hear a Western Iceland watching the walking with the wounded teams training for what sounds slightly impossible on look North in 15 minutes the Leeds design smartphone app that's opening up a whole new world to people living with disabilities and doing something funny for money we take a look at what you've been up to for comic relief veterans and VIPs are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the launch of HMS Belfast wants the largest and most powerful Cruiser in the Royal Navy it's seen more than 30 years of active service and has been more on the River Thames since 1971 where it's proved to be a major tourist attraction of course but Robert Hall is on board Robert over to you Kate Belfast escaped the scrapped men by the skin of her teeth back in the 1960s and as a result the people will be coming to this weekend's celebrations can see a time capsule of life in the Royal Navy from the Second World War to the Cold War when you look at Belfast today you see a ship looking pretty well as she did at the day on the day that she retired you can go from the Admirals bridge to the engine room and everywhere you will find traces of the story of a long and active life she's the last of her breed and surely deserves a party the restore is to be told and toasts to be raised as today's generation reflects on her adventures and celebrate 75 remarkable years mrs. Chamberlain launches HMS Belfast and his Northern Ireland proud launch Thompson Patrick's Day HMS Belfast saw nearly 30 years of active service in every corner of the globe saved from the scrapped men at the last minute she has one of the UK's most prestigious berths thousands of visitors have explored her decks to discover adventures which took her from the heat of the Far East to convoy duties amid the icy perils of Arctic waters the first trip you made up there was horrendous I winds seas mountainous seas we picked up just like a toy the screws was turning out the water fire Belfast surviving crew members are an extended family who shared tough times laughter and the much lamented rum ration I remember walking out onto the boat at about 3:00 in the morning and think this is strange ship Sun look at the list it was me going down and the bow deck had been painted and they were neither Android and they couldn't get me off the deck in the morning just a bunch of Advocates players to get me off the deck stand boy this weekend visitors and VIPs will roam from the Admirals bridge to the gloomy depths of her engine rooms as the UK salutes another milestone in a long and active life when you do walk the decks here you really can sense what it must have been like in those icy conditions off the Arctic or what's most remarkable about the ship is the way that it's not fussy things are left pretty well as they were this is the Admirals bridge for example it's one example you go further down into the into the ship there are these sights and the smells and the sounds of a working ship all of which is intended to show this weekend's visitors and others far beyond that her story will long outlive those who served aboard her Kate no indeed Robert thank you very much indeed that lovely shot there of HMS Belfast thank you and those rum rations Pope Francis told an audience of Cardinals this morning that there's no place for pessimism in the Catholic Church the Pope was elected on Wednesday urged the leaders of the church not to give in to what he called the bitterness that the devil places before us from Rome Alan Johnston reports until just a few days ago some of these men will have dreamt of being elected Pope but for now at least their chance has gone this man was chosen he's ascended to the throne of st. Peter the Vatican's a bit like a medieval monarchy the Pope is all-powerful here he lays down the law but he must also try to inspire known chile imam i hope it seemed useful let's never surrender to pessimism he said as he urged the Cardinals to take the faith to the four corners of the world every word this new pope utters and we thought he expresses everything he does is being held out to the light subjected to intense scrutiny and all the time in these early days a picture is emerging of an all here but very down-to-earth man one cardinal was moved by the Pope's first act after he was elected his first gesture was to go down halfway down the Sistine Chapel to greet one of the Cardinals worst problems walking that was a touching thing to do here he is being elected the head of the church and his first thing is to reach out to a brother who's in difficulties I was a phenomenal thing the new man in charge of the Vatican is getting off to a good start but he must confront many challenges and prophecies here and around the world and there are certain to be much tougher times ahead Alan Johnston BBC news at the Vatican a man accused of killing six of his children in a house fire and Dobby has denied the charge in a series of testy Court exchanges mcphillip OTT was being cross-examined by the prosecution barrister about discrepancies in his statements on about what happened on the night of the fire mr. Philpott his wife Mairead and their friend Paul Mosley all deny manslaughter but our correspondent Jeremy Cook is at Nottingham Crown Court for us what exactly did the court hear this morning then Jeremy well this is Mick Philpott third day on the witness stand and as you've been saying he's been continued to be cross-examined by the prosecution counsel Richard Layton QC it's been repeatedly put to him that his version of events on the night in which six of his children died in this fire is false mr. Lathem accuse mcphillip OTT at deliberately starting the fire to a pre-arranged plan he said the 56 year old had started the blaze using petrol and then then gone outside to rescue his children having left a ladder within easy reach and a wrench to break the bedroom window mr. Latham said Mick Philpott made no effort to put the fire out even though there was a fire extinguisher in the kitchen he said your plan was to go out rescue the children and be a big hero and a victim at the same time wasn't it Mick Philpott said no I don't see myself as a hero yesterday Mick Philpott suggested that traces of petrol on his clothes may be explained by the use of a garden streamer today the prosecution said a brand of petrol use this trimmer was not the same as a brand found on MIT Philpott's clothes the case continues Jeremy thank you attempting to walk to the South Pole would present an enormous challenge for even the most able-bodied person it's a 200 mile walk and extremely hazardous conditions but a group of servicemen and women some with profound physical and mental injuries have come together from around the world to train as part of Prince Harry's charity walking with the wounded they want to challenge perceptions of what can be achieved against the odds our correspondent Frank Gardner join them it feels like the end of the earth a Moncton blizzard in western Iceland where better to Train for one of the toughest challenges of their lives a race across Antarctica one minute you think you're going good in it next minute a nice big blast comes in and blows you over it's it's it's pretty at it three teams of servicemen and women will be competing from the US Britain and the Commonwealth everyone here has suffered life-changing injuries in combat they've been shot blown up burned and traumatized the charity behind this venture is walking with the wounded patron Prince Harry unable to walk after my own gunshot injuries nine years ago I went to see them training this tale invented sub-zero temperatures here in Iceland exactly the testing ground but injured servicemen of women need before they take all the hazards of the Antarctic and the coming race to the south pole many of the wounded are amputees this US soldier is totally blind for him and many others this is their first time ever on skis and also people have a ski before and they can do the amputee guys and I think this can used to find in two feet on skis and different thing to have some of the terms and everything and none at all from what about in these conditions it helps them to remember why they're doing this clean-out a raise awareness of wounded soldiers and there's charities such as walking wounded soldier on and a lock that are more avenues for the public there get behind their wounded soldiers Iceland is a tough environment but the Antarctic will be tougher still the 12 team members finally selected can expect conditions that make this feel like a walk in the park Frank Gardner BBC news Iceland it's gold cup day at Cheltenham one of the biggest events in the racing calendar safeties imagine talking point thereafter jockey JT McNamara seriously injured his neck in a fall yesterday while he's now in an induced coma Joe Wilson's our man at the festival I understand he remains in intensive care Joe well let me update you in that situation first Kate yes you may recall him being airlifted to hospital in Bristol from the course here yesterday after that fall he's actually been in theatre today in Bristol has been confirmed that he fractured two vertebrae in his neck during that fall I think it may be days even weeks before the full consequences of his injuries of that fall are known in the meantime his recovery has been coordinated here by the injured jockeys fund for example they've helped his wife get over to Bristol to be by his bedside up his beacon team dujacques fund today what they've also confirmed is it within the weighing room all friends of course other jockeys of JT McNamara they are United I think in a sense of shock and concern for McNamara but they're also united in a sense that on Gold Cup day you know the show must go on the dangers of racing are part of that very strong fraternity and I think in a way they're feeling that today even more intensely yes and just very briefly than as you do look ahead to this afternoon's Gold Cup the favourites yeah.well JT McNamara remember road here is an amateur we could have another amateur jockey winning of the Gold Cup because Sam Whaley Cohen again goes on board long run you may recall them winning the gold Cup here in 2011 to win lose and then win back the Gold Cup is very rare only quarto stars done it drained by Nicky Henderson of course long run once again Henderson also has a good chance with Bob's worth but the big news I suppose in terms of the Gold Cup here is that ap McCoy a former winner of course has switched horses he will be riding sir Deshawn Pat 3:20 this afternoon the reason Kate there's a vacancy on that horse is because his normal jockey is injured it is a tough game Joe thank you today is the 25th Red Nosed eight people across the UK all doing something funny for money tonight's live 8 hour comic relief program will be broadcast on BBC one and two and BBC radio of course and will feature some of the top names in British comedy our entertainment correspondent is Emma Zumba has more how it all began little knowing that a quarter of a century and well over half a billion pounds later Red Nose Day would have become one of the country's best-known and most successful fundraising efforts it's simple formula of combining well-known celebrities and humour has inspired the public to support a cause that says it has made a genuine difference for millions I get quite emotional that people like one direction and Jessie J have grown up with it since their first year at school so they've actually been raising money for UK and Africa all their lives tonight is the center point of comic relief efforts but the campaigning started months ago a team of six celebrities including Spice Girl Mel C and Jack Dee took on a special challenge earlier in the year raiding a hundred kilometres of one of Africa's largest rivers the Zambezi and the highlights in tonight's program include the return of one of the UK's best loved comedy characters now David Brent fancies himself as a media mogul the show will also include examples of where comic relief's say their money is badly needed including pop band One Direction's visit to poverty hit communities in Ghana the group has also recorded this year's official single we're incredibly on it's a great honor and it's such a great cause we hope people buy it several time tonight's show will be one of the last live broadcasts to come from Television Centre before it ends decades as the BBC's home of broadcasting adding even more emotion to tonight's historic anniversary show leaves Roma Zumba BBC News Television Centre well good luck to all involved tonight it will also be the last BBC news at one bulletin from our iconic Television Centre here in West London it's been home not just to the BBC newsrooms of course but TV classic from Strictly Come Dancing Blue Peter Morcom and wise will return on Monday from our new studios we'll look forward to seeing you then until then we'll take a look now at what their weekend weather holds in store with Alina Jenkins Alena hello there Kate the weather is going to throw a lot of things at us this weekend for this afternoon it's which and it's windy we've got a band of rain working its way southeast woods and you can see here on the earlier satellite picture where the rain has been behind it a peppering of cloud indicating some sunny spells but also some fairly frequent wintry showers but a band of rain draped across much of northeastern England the Midlands and southwestern parts of the country bringing some large totals for a time but across Scotland and Northern Ireland while the skies will be brighter here through the afternoon but you won't have to look too far to find some of those wintery showers which could have some hail some snow some sleet maybe even some thunder and mixed in with it too but our band of rain across the Midlands and parts of Wales Central and southwestern parts of England fairly slow moving and in places particularly over higher ground we could see as much as 40 millimetres of rain anning southwesterly wind as well touching gale force along the coast now the band of rain perhaps pot reaching southeastern England until this evening and behind it we will eventually see some clearer skies and that will bring a risk of ice in places and pockets of frost and fog and then during the early hours we see a risk of some snow affecting northern parts of England and Scotland and temperatures here getting close to freezing but where we keep the rain as we've well across many southern counties and they hold up to between 5 and 7 Celsius so for tomorrow there is a risk of some snow across northern parts of England Cumbria for example and also southern parts of Scotland perhaps up to five or six centimetres for a time during Saturday morning and in that risk extends its way further northwards so during the course of Saturday afternoon as we move into the Highlands and the grampians of Scotland there could be as much as 10 centimetres and that likely to cause some disruption so do keep an eye on the forecast if you can for the rest of England and Wales where our band of rain slow to move from southeastern counties but eventually it will and behind it some sunny spells but also again further frequent wintry showers which could have some hail sleet or snow mixed in with them now as we go into Sunday we keep our area of low pressure but there will be some clearer skies overnight as we go from Saturday into Sunday and that's likely perhaps to bring a risk of ice in places low pressure firmly in charge on Sunday further fronts moving their way across so Sunday itself remains an unsettled picture there will be some spells of sunshine once again though there will be heavy and frequent wintry showers so there is lots going on with the weather over the next few days there are some warnings in place and you can find those and further updates on our website Kate then thank you and on bbc1 will join the BBC's News teams where you are have a lovely evening bye-bye welcome to look North Yorkshire top stories this lunchtime campaign as opposed to high speed rail attempt to derail the government's plans with their own legal challenges and doing something funny for money plenty of laughter and just a few tears as Yorkshire gears up for comic relief good afternoon campaigners in Yorkshire will attempt to derail the proposed high-speed train link between Birmingham and Leeds with a series of legal challenges a local law firm says it's already received approaches from people in our area affected by the plans it follows today's High Court ruling that the government's consultations relating to the first phase between London and Birmingham were unlawful but nine other legal challenges were rejected this morning and the government says it will now press on with its hs2 plans the projects supported by MPs councils and business organizations across Yorkshire Olivia richworld reports this family business has been built up over 55 years Joe's parents passed it on to her and now her son ed is taking charge but the new high-speed rail line is planned straight through their fishing lakes yeah we've met with our MP Alec shell Brook with Lisa councillors we've written to the Transport Minister and to HS to invitin have had very little response if you look at the result down south people with a lot of resources behind them have not been able to get the line moved or stopped they've only been able to challenge the consultation process which ultimately won't stop HS to today there's been a small victory in a long battle part of the multi-billion pound scheme which deals with compensation has been declared unlawful in the High Court and this law firm in Leeds says it's already been approached by clients interested in taking HS to through the courts well it's all about action groups I think if you are coordinated you are motivated and informed you have a much better chance of influencing where this proposed route will be it's likely to take another 12 18 months or so before a final route is decided from her kitchen table in church Fenton Joe Mason is coordinating a rebellion if the new train line gets built she'll be able to see it hear it and feel it we're up against the might of HS – they're spending an absolute fortune on PR and we are you know we're having to raise our money where we can little fundraising events so it really is sort of David and Goliath and but we will take legal action wherever we can despite today's high court decision the government says hs2 is still on track to begin construction in four years time it says the scheme will be good for business and while Joe plans her next fundraiser Edie continues to gather support for his campaign West Yorkshire Police are making fresh attempts 20 years on to try to solve a missing person case Shawn Thompson from notting leave an out a trace in 1993 while walking to a local Job Center the anniversary of his disappearance brought his family together today to make new appeals for help our crime correspondent John Kennedy reports Shawn Thompson's nice sister and mother United today seeking any explanation of what ever happened to the 25 year old the his sister was all too much I was now been missing for 20 years and they always say times a healer but foolish doesn't be we have no idea where she'll knees it's like he withdrew fallen off the face of the earth we live every day opening will walk back into our lives and we will know he's safe what Shawn Thompson looked like 20 years ago and how he might appear now as a 45 year old police believes someone must have seen Shawn on March the 18th 1993 a medical condition made him walk in a peculiar way on his tiptoes we were able to identify the last person to see him which is why we knew he was enroute to the dáil office but since that time we'll have no but come forward and no further sightings and we just do not know where Sean is we'd like to carry on with our lives that we always think about him and what is you to get in touch Shawn we love you and miss you the mystery of a loner who just vanished Shawn Thompson's family are still desperate to help 20 years on John Candy BBC Look North a man's been charged with firearms offenses after a suspected explosive device was found in a house in Leeds last night the package was discovered during a police raid on shawl broke Avenue in chapel town it was then taken to soldiers field in Roundhay where it was destroyed by bomb disposal experts dozens of people had to be evacuated from the two sites South Yorkshire Fire Authority are to change their incident response time targets after failing to meet current goals a flat rate target time for all of South Yorkshire could be introduced all response times could be scrapped altogether in which case the fire service would simply promised to arrive at an incident as soon as possible another option is a risk-based plan where crews would arrive faster to major incidents but take more time getting to those with a lower risk part of the m62 is closed this lunchtime after a lorry carrying 10 tons of salmon overturned on the eastbound carriageway the accident happened near ghoul in the early hours of this morning the 47 year old driver suffered heavy head injuries which aren't thought to be life-threatening our work is ongoing to clear the frozen fish from the carriageway it's unlikely the road will reopen though before this evening now if you own a smartphone or a tablet chances are you'll have downloaded an app maybe a game or a navigation tool but what about an app that could do really useful practical things like opening the curtains locking the door and operating CCTV systems while a company in Leeds has created an app that can do all of those things it's designed to make life easier for people living with disabilities sally Young's been to meet one woman who says this new technology is making a big difference to her quality of life hello hi Nikki it's Sully is it ok to come in yeah come straight through Sully thanks Nikki Barker lives in a specially converted extension on the side of her parents bungalow she has a degenerative muscle wasting disease her mobility is declining I could walk till I was about seven or eight years old and then gradually bit by bit by the limbs were affected and in my twenties also use of my arms on my hands which was more difficult than not being able to walk Nikki can't swipe a smartphone or tablet but she can use a push button on the side of her wheelchair to operate an app on her iPad and that app gives her control over almost everything in her room well when I'm not in this room I feel disabled when I'm in this room I've got some independence packed in a bit of dignity and I don't really get frustrated it makes massive difference and this is where the app was designed RSL steeper in Leeds specializes in assistive technology the idea behind the app really was to bring all the sort of environmental control technology experience that we'd had right up to date and bring it on to you know a high tech sought-after platform really everybody else has got an iPad I think the potential is enormous the devices that are coming out and more and more powerful allows us to link it with Mara Manu up-and-coming technologies I think you know the future is limitless really and it's not just about controlling the immediate environment with this look

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