Cuomo vs. Giuliani: A 28-minute shouting match in 147 seconds

January 10, 2020 - Latest News
Cuomo vs. Giuliani: A 28-minute shouting match in 147 seconds

CNN’s Chris Cuomo spent more than 28 minutes interviewing President Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani on Sept. 19. It quickly devolved into a quagmire. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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-Former mayor Rudy Giuliana. Good to have you on the show. -I'm glad I'm on tonight
because what you just said is totally erroneous. It is sad to watch
what happened to you. It's sad! -It's sad?
-You're a total sellout. -Sad to watch
what happened to me? I'm a sellout? -You are a sellout.
I'm gonna tell you why. -You are telling me
that I'm a sellout? -You are standing up
for two systems of justice. -Oh, I'm standing up
for two systems of justice. -You're just repeating spin. The prosecutor —
-Oh, but you don't, right? You're not spinning anything.
Go ahead. -I'm not spinning a damn thing. -Did you ask the Ukraine
to investigate Joe Biden? -No.
Actually I did. -So you did ask Ukraine
to look into Joe Biden. -Of course I did. -Yeah, look, you should have
your hand on your face. You know why?
This is all a distraction from what I asked you
about in the first place. -No, it's not a distraction,
Chris. What you just said
is totally wrong. Let's talk like lawyers
for a minute. -All right.
Good. Then respect this lawyer as —
I don't want to hear it. -Here's the crime of bribery. -Rudy, I don't want to go down
the rabbit hole right now. -I taught law.
You're gonna listen. -You want to say
I won't cover it 'cause I'm like this,
right, you say? -Oh, man, when I watched
the introduction to your show — -But now you won't
give me the proof. -I'm not gonna give you proof. Like the stupid "New York Times"
story the other day, right? -Listen, if —
-Did you cover that? -If —
-How "The Times" really screwed up the other day? -Listen, if —
-Did you cover it? -If the complaint had
come out — -You don't answer that. -I'm trying to get
a question out. Will you finally answer
my question now that we're 12 minutes in? -Do we really believe —
-Did the President — -Do we really believe
he didn't know his son was under investigation? -Why won't you
answer the question? -What is the question?
What's the question? -Thank you. -If you don't want to hear
from me, just cut me off. -No, I will never cut you off.
-You're blinded. You're blinded
by your prejudice. -Give me affidavits. -Your network is a creature of the Democratic
National Committee. I think your network is —
-I know. I heard —
-I think your network is a horror.
-Then say it all to me face-to-face
and we can get it out. -I'm not personally
insulting you. -The hell you're not,
but that's okay. You've been very insulting, you've been very circumspect,
and very distracting. -I'm very insulting
directly to your face. You don't think
there's a deep state? -Listen —
-Of course there is. I think there's a little bit of a deep state going on
right in this conversation. -If Adam Schiff sent me
a letter, I would just tear it up
and throw it in the garbage. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.
-Biden's bribery in Ukraine — -One sticky wicket at a time. -It's all over the Internet. Go read it.
-All over the Internet. -Why would I give the enemy
the documents? I'm a lawyer. -I know what you are.
-I'm gonna finish this sentence. Let me finish, Chris! Let me finish.
Wait! Wait, damn it!
Let me finish. -I got to cut you — You've been
talking the whole time. -You can't cut me off.
-Been covering it up so much that I kept this interview
going 28 minutes and let you say
it a dozen times. -Yeah, and interrupting me
500 times. -That's how afraid I am.
Have a good night. -Well, you shouldn't have
a good night because what you're doing
is very bad for the country. -Rudy, I got to go.

49 thoughts on “Cuomo vs. Giuliani: A 28-minute shouting match in 147 seconds

G Money

The End is Hillarious, (FREDO: "Have a Good Night Rudy"! (RUDY): "Well You shouldn't have a Good Night because what you're doing is Very Bad for the Country"! Rudy in BOSS Mode.


Little FREDO. The actor

Kyle Thomson

His name is very apporpriate


Rudy "Giuliani impeachment testimony could be Trump's worst nightmare" Giuliani

pouria saydi

Rudy gotta perfect name for his job and his personality suits the name mabye with little spell change rude Juliani

de an

one stupid moron lives at CNN…..the other's just a lawyer….cuomo you suck as always!

Steve Anthony

Cuomo is a pathetic excuse for a reporter. He is by far a biased, fake and vindictive man that claims to report unbiasly as he biasly lies about Trump daily. This guy is a travesty of what has happened to CNN and those blind, gullible followers of CNN refuse to aknowledge truth because their blind hate prevents them from justice and fairness in the nation

benn bumm

GIULIANI is insane for real…..a simple fact,we can see it for ourselves.

Wade Bolderman

No talent Fredo is out of his league here.



Fly by night

LOL.. The music is killing me. This is Like the circus. People look out for the full interview. A half hour, but its priceless. This schmuck is really losing his damn mind.

T. F. 32

Cuomo literally has the intellectual capacity of a turd, maybe less.


Is WaPo using CC music from Kevin MacLeod without crediting him?

jim thomas

Giuliani is a typical whackjob. He knows his entire “stand for the flag kneel for the cross,” culture is disappearing & that he & his people are losing their country to hispanics, blacks, asians, & muslims😂😂😂

realist bob

my wish for 2020 is seeing Fredo homeless along with lemon

realist bob

its like watching Fredo and micheal talking…Cuomo has the personality of Fredo


Fredo out of his depth in IQ stakes Fredo should stick to his lane Fredo's expertise is garlic munching and emitting methane stink bombs

Peaches Williams

Now YOUR under criminal and financial investigation Guiliani now you can have your nervous breakdown in jail.😁😂🤣


The Italians in New York, do they call them Fredos?

Josh Camper

2:09 my mom when I interrupte her

Someone Someone

He is one crazy mother beep alright 🤪

Mr Bush Lied

Hey Rudy, as one Italian-American to another, I say to you, "Fa va' un' culo!"

Kuri Starks

South Park brought me here.

Henry Argentina

This is what Trump can do to you..He's lost the plot. Beam Rudy up Scotty.


And why are Americans so worried about Ukraine getting our money and trying to impeach my president ???? Am confused ……. Democrats !!!!! That's it they want to save the world but not in they're own country !!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄. Silly human race !!!!!


Fredo cant believe he was called out on his selling out. I guess Jeff Zucker didnt write a come back for him since they all just regurgitate his fake narrative. Clinton News Network is fake news

Mula Mi

I respect them both.

Jackson Allen

Who tf approved this is what I wanna know? Fired

Michael Cunningham

Fredo is a sell out..and a traitor..been lying to millions for years!!

Buzzolan Leo

i love italians fights!

Karl Reichert

If you think Trump won't win in 2020, think again!! Trump 2020

Mr Ba

I can’t believe how Rudy Giuliani put himself into this mess?

Peaches Williams

Guiliani is in hiding now, but Chris is still on the Air!😂🤣😊🤣😊


"If Adam Schiff sent me a letter, I am going to tear it up and throw it in dustbin",😂😂😂.

The Equalizer

Hilarious with the music

Francis Coleman

Omg 😂😂😂 what were the ratings on this conversation?

Tony Blair

CNN is full of idiots!

Herman Boing

This is our "government"; this is our "media".

Ravie Sawh

Rudy been hanging with trump too long


Guiliani lost his mind.


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