American Factory | Official Trailer | Netflix

January 5, 2020 - Latest News
American Factory | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cultures collide. Hope survives. When a Chinese billionaire re-opens a factory and hires two thousand blue-collar Americans, early days of hope and optimism give way to setbacks as high-tech China clashes with working-class America.

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American Factory | Official Trailer | Netflix

In this documentary, hopes soar when a Chinese company reopens a shuttered factory in Ohio. But a culture clash threatens to shatter an American dream.

20 thoughts on “American Factory | Official Trailer | Netflix

Steve Richter

Why did Fuyao hire so many older, over weight employees? There must have been government grants involved.

Joanna Sroka

This is very scary, unpleasant documentary, but obviously true.
It is an illustration of the consequences of economy without morality.
So now we are all supposed to compete with the Chinese, whose life is a living hell?
What is next after 12 hours shift, no weekends? What more to make one more billion for the billionaire? Where does it end?


ugh china bosses and high people, hate them, comunists

bradar bradar

obama created a company to produce pro-china, pro-communism propaganda. netflix is such as well. patriot americans, be prepared. things will get pretty bad and the chinese will be one of your enemies, and the worst thing is that you'll be fighting against some of your own fellow men in your own country. it will be an internal and external fight at the same time.

Wang Xiaoying

​ Gu Songjun The teaching material among China is absolutely different from the reality world which applied for dominate citizen and make them easy to be controlled, there is no critical thinking among China, and yet the country is getting rich, but people's thought didn't improved as it still easily be brainwashing by the government, so does the enterprise. What to be sarcasm is that everyone still severely believe those of the lies and these knowledge as it had been incorporate in people's mind for ages. The poisonous education had exploited people own state of mind and free thought. Chinese's people's life condition is even worse than Africa with high tax, low salary, expensive education and expensive medical treatment had drained out people to death, no election rights for workers and middle class people, and the regulation is a joke. FORGIVE my terrible English writing, as I surely think my thought was right, being slave for this country for ages and still be in the drum. Life is short and wasted, always asking myself it seems to be like China is more like a capitalist country than the socialist country, and the chairman's version is the joke, remaining live in the 1960's. Shirt as hell.

Brenda Echols

Factory jobs are the worst jobs. They work you to the bone. Long term damage to the body. Not worth it. Too many health risk. My neck hurts.

Nico O.

Just finished this utmost interesting documentary. I had no idea how pampered and naive the average American worker must be. I am from Germany and we have plenty of factories here that are run on a much worse scale. I used to work several years in a fish factory and the work conditions were horrible. Working long hours up to 11 or even 12 hours a day for weeks with a wage of approximately 9$ without any benefits or praises by the people in charge. We had to work Saturdays or sometimes when the production was delayed till the late evening, starting at 5 am. One guy got his finger cut off in a machine and the head of quality control just cleaned the machine superficially and the production kept on going. My salary in a whole year was below 20,000$ but we worked our arses off. And if a worker in Germany is sick for a week and doesn't inform the company about it he surely will get fired. And of course unions are not welcome in a German factory either. And the price of a gallon gas is about 6$ in Germany, food is also more expensive than in the US.


That white lady eyes at @2:41 😂

oficial matute

To be honest Chinese people can take over the world any day they want.

Deaf Earz

Unfortunately the living standards of Americans are too high. It will need to come down over time to compete with China.

Garrett J. Sun

Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert_Academy Award Nominated; Sundance Movie Festival

Kelvynn Lee

1:07 I know exactly how the man feels. I was once task to train a few people to use a cash register. It would take me almost 5 days to train them to the point where they can use it without much assistant. Comes the weekend when they are two days off and back on Monday, they will forget how to use it gain.

Black Phillip

Ask Chinese people about moving to USA. They would do it instantly. China is a slave country.


This is life, it is so realistic, there is not so much food and products on this planet, but it has a very large population. Human society is still at the starting point of an extremely elementary information-based society. Productivity is still very low, but at the same time, it has huge social demands from owners, and people's communication is not so convenient. We have to respect reality. Brothers, maybe Americans can plunder the world's wealth by printing money, but other countries cannot. Robots are not so advanced. We can only do this. At the beginning of this history, the history of human civilization is only 10,000 years, but our future is still millions of years.


How can so many Americans be so blind to this political brainwashing? Cable TV has made America ignorant brainwashed sheep. Barack Obama directs a movie that teaches us America’s wealthy are pure evil and China’s wealthy can save the day. 🤥

Still think the Obamas have America’s best interest in mind? 🤔 Down right disgusting and if you don’t realize it I feel sorry for you. I guess ignorance is bliss.

Camiya California Rebel

I’ve been in Manufacturing/Factory Work for the last 10 years so I have to see if this adds up to what’s really going on. So far seems accurate.

Albrecht Weyrother

Every so-called "American" in this film should be tied up, whipped, and left to perish beneath the withering sun. These people dishonor their country– dancing on stage before foreigners whose values are antithetical to America, all while uttering nonsense about being "one family." Instead of acting like Americans, these worthless people have lost themselves to the threat of poverty. Americans are resourceful. In these times of growing difficulty, they should bind together, blacks and whites, and find a way out. They should never, not in a million years, be found genuflecting before a Chinese slave-driver. These people are pathetic.

double negation

Why is Netflix trying to sell this as a feel good film, it's about laid off autoworkers who get new masters and have to bargain for the minimum standards of decent humane labour. Pathetic, really.

Matthew Hensley

just wait till they get all the robots made perfect… then watch and see all the factories open back up in America but only low skill and low wage workers will be hired to pack boxes all day long……. our GOvernment sold out Americans while they got SUPER RICH off of our country while the citizens got broke…. they wont need china soons the robot army is complete theyll save billions on shipping costs alone!

TM Kim

Stop the damn political fight. It doesn't matter whether it's capitalism or communism. This is a matter of reality. With advances in technology, jobs are disappearing and machines are replacing them. That's all you have to look at.


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