A Social, Historical and Political Tour of Budapest

December 14, 2019 - Latest News
A Social, Historical and Political Tour of Budapest

from budapest city of blood and bravery tragedy and hope on the first pictures of the rapper which has shaken the world end of its aftermath here in a few fierce days the post war drama of eastern europe reached its feinex tanks caught against civilians inside world of the struggle seemed strangely confused but not only is the government itself caught between two fires but the rebels are a mixture of communist and anti communist but one overriding desire unites the rebel forces whatever their politics the desire to get rid of the Russians and to work out their own destiny as a nation [Applause] hated even more than the Russian czar the Hungarian secret police and they can expect a little mercy when they are caught in the streets what will emerge from the conflicts no one can yet say suffer we tomorrow snow country's exempt from learning but which it is better to learn in time who can say the Battle of Budapest is over the rising now we're joined by our correspondent Robert check'em who's in Budapest for us Robert oh you're there on the ground and you've been following the process closely can you give us an idea of how many people are actually are protesting and who are they exactly thousands of people took to the streets in a protest against new laws by the government's the demonstrations started on Wednesday over labelled all the forms which was dubbed a slave law by critics people what was upset about another world that plans to set up a new system of the Administrative course you know that the problem is not the European problem the problem is a German problem but the reason they cannot drag along is the line of police along the steps of the railway station there this is the Central European University in Budapest probably not for long the documents that would allow the university founded by philanthropist George Soros to operate on have not been signed yet spider Nigerian government which led a lot of political attacks against mr. surage in the past for the for the students who will not be able to come to this university in the future this is why we we've been protesting on stop for the for the last two weeks up until this deadline

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